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TZ Business Lenders, Inc.

TZ Business Lenders, Inc. specializes in venture capital and secured lending to small and middle market businesses.

Our firm has the ability to provide small businesses with fixed rate financing not traditionally available through banks or other lending institutions. Additionally, we provide qualified businesses with investment equity capital.

Priding us on flexibility and creativity, financing comes in many different and customized forms:

    • Secured loans offered at a fixed rate for a minimum of one plus years.
    • A loan and/or an equity investment partially secured with an option for an interest in the business. The equity may be re-purchasable.
    • Collateral may be accounts receivable, real estate, (corporate and personal), equipment and machinery, and/or other assets.

TZ Business Lenders finances a broad range of companies, from business and loan purchasing and financing to working capital for small, mid size, and large businesses.

Funding Range
Funding up to $1,500,000 is available.




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